Flying to Bhutan

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Getting to Bhutan is difficult as there are no direct flights, and most routings from Europe go via
one of the hubs in India or Nepal. This means flying via Kathmandu, Delhi, or Kolkata. Other options
are Bangkok or Singapore. Things are also complicated by the fact that none of the Bhutanese
airlines are integrated into the online flight search engines so the last leg of the flight has to be
booked directly with one of only two operators, Druk Air or Bhutan Airlines. If you need help
booking your flight into Bhutan, speak to one of our sales agents and we can book this segment
for you.

Transit Visas
As your final flight into Bhutan will be on a separate ticket, your luggage will not be checked right
through to the final destination and you will need to clear immigration at your transit airport to
collect your bag and check it back in for your Bhutan connection. Double-check with your airline
what the immigration and visa requirements are for the airport you are to transit through, and
whether they can re-check your bags for you. Otherwise, you will need to arrange transit visas. For
Nepal, these can be done on arrival, but for India, you will need to arrange multiple entry transit
visas in advance to cover your outbound and inbound journeys.

Flight Delays
All of our trekking itineraries in Bhutan require you to fly in and out of Paro airport. The airfield at
Paro is subject to Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and as such can be affected by poor visibility when
clouded in. It is not uncommon for bad weather to cause delays, as the airport will be closed if the
cloud cover is too great. However, it is rare for flights to be canceled altogether.
If there should be any flight issues that cause your trek itinerary to be delayed or shortened, any
additional expenses are your responsibility and need to be paid locally.
If possible you could allow some extra days in Delhi or Kathmandu at the end of your trip so that
you have some leeway if your flight out of Paro is delayed and you cannot meet your connecting

Memorable trip to Bhutan

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Dear Tharchu, 

We were very blessed to have you as our guide. You showed us amazing places that the memories will stay within us forever and have changed our likes for the better.
We will see you soon and stay in touch through Facebook and email. We will tell all our family and friends to come and see you because you the the best. 

Many blessings to you and your family. we will miss you! 

Much love and happiness 

Jackie & Bob.

Jackie NIXON
New york